GK Questions for class 8

GK Questions for Class 8


Looking for GK questions for class 8? Explore our wide range of engaging and informative GK questions designed specifically for class 8 students. Boost your knowledge and ace your exams with our carefully curated collection of GK questions. Start learning today!

GK Questions for Class 8

1.When is Earth Day celebrated?

Ans. 22 April

2. Where is Bandipur National Park situated?

Ans. Karnataka

3.How many wars have India and Pakistan fought since partition?

Ans. Four major wars were fought by the Indian Army with Pakistan during 1947-48, 1965, 1971, and 1999.

4.Name a game that is associated with China Cup?

Ans. Gymnastics

5.Name the richest person (2021) in India?

Ans. Mukesh Ambani

6.Port Louis is the capital of which country?

Ans. Mauritius

7.Which bank is known as the bankers’ bank of India?

Ans The Reserve Bank of India

8.Name the largest flower in the world?

Ans. Rafflesia arnoldii

9.In which states of India, the famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated?

Ans. Nagaland

10.Name the state that has the longest coastline in India?

Ans. Gujarat

11.What does COVID-19 mean?

Ans. COVID-19 is the acronym for the full name coronavirus disease of 2019.

12.What is the national sport of Hungary?

Ans. Water Polo is the national game of Hungary.

13.What is the process of loosening the soil called?

Ans. Tilling or Ploughing

14.What is the name of the largest star?

Ans. UY Scuti

15.Which public sector bank is the largest in India?

Ans: State Bank of India

16.Where was freedom fighter Udham Singh born?

Ans: Sangrur, Punjab

17.Name any one country which is present in both Asia and Europe.

Ans: Turkiye (Turkey)

18.Who is the writer of “The God of Small Things”?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

19.What does 4G mean?

Ans. Fourth Generation

20.What is the height of Kanchenjunga?

Ans. 8586 m

21.What type of gas is absorbed by plants?

Ans. Carbon Dioxide

22.Which planet in our solar system is known as the Red Planet?

Ans. Mars

23.Who founded the search engine ” Google”?

Ans: Larry Page & Sergey Brin

24.How many sides does the Pentagon have?

Ans: Five

25.Which was the first state on the basis of language in India?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

26.What is the full form of ISRO?

Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation

27.How many prime and non-prime numbers will there be in between 1 to 100?

Ans: 25 and 73

28.What is the International Committee’s motto?

Ans: Faster, Higher, Stronger, and Together

29.How long does a Test Match last?

Ans: Over 5 days

30.What does LED stand for?

Ans: Light Emitting Diode

31.Which is said to be the highest region of the earth?

Ans: Tibet – 14,370 feet above sea level.

32.Name any other search engine besides Google.

Ans: Yahoo

33.Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country?

Ans: Malaysia

34.How many times can an American President be elected?

Ans: Eight years (Two times)

35.Which probe launch influenced the movie “Mission Mangal”?

Ans: Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) / Mangalyaan

36.Who is the author of the book “The story of my experiments with truth”?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

37.Which desert is the latest desert in the world?

Ans: Sahara

38.Which continent is considered the hottest in the world?

Ans: Africa

39.Which animal never consumes water at all?

Ans: Kangaroo rat

40.Which metal is a soft metal?

Ans: Gold

41.Which is the fastest animal in the world?

Ans: Cheetah

42.Which political party did the 31st President of America belong to?

Ans: Republican

43.What is the length of the Rocky Mountains?

Ans: 3000 miles

44.Name the fourth president of the U.S.

Ans: James Madison

45.How many colonies participated in the American Revolution?

Ans: 13

46.Name the island known as the gateway of immigrants to the U.S. from 1892 to 1954.

Ans: Ellis Island

47.Who won the first Nobel Peace Prize in America?

Ans: Theodore Roosevelt

48.Which countries have the lengthiest international border?

Ans: Canada and the United States

49.To which organization did the U.S. announce it would halt funding on April 14?

Ans: WHO

50.Name the first 24 hours news channel in America.

Ans: CNN

51.When was the camera invented?

Ans. 1816

52.Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country?

Ans. Malaysia

53.Who is known as the Father of Mathematics?

Ans. Archimedes

54.What does “DC” mean in Washington DC?

Ans. District of Columbia

55.Vitamin E is important for?

Ans. Protecting Cells and vital tissues protection

56.When the ‘Kargil War’ between Pakistan and India took place?

Ans. Between May and July 1999.

57.Who has been appointed as the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in December 2016?

Ans. Viral V Acharya

58.Durand Cup is associated with?

Ans. Football

59.How many landlocked countries are there in the Whole World which are surrounded by landlocked countries?

Ans. Only Two – Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan

60.Who was the first woman and first Maharashtrian to become the President of India?

Ans. Pratibha Patil

61.What is the name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in  India in Mixed Category?

Ans. Kanchenjunga National Park, Sikkim

62.Whose capital is “Abu Dhabi”?

Ans. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

63.What is the average gestation period for a domestic dog?

Ans. 61 days

64. 500 years earlier than Christopher Columbus’, which Icelandic explorer sailed to the Americas and engaged in trade?

Ans. Leifur Eiríksson (Leif the Lucky)

65.What is the height of Kanchenjunga?

Ans. 8,586 meter

66.What was the ruling period of Razia Sultana?

Ans. 1236AD – 1240AD

67.What pH will have in an acidic liquid?

Ans. Low

68.What is the national sport of Tajikistan?

Ans. Wrestling

69.How many and which countries are there in Great Britain?

Ans. Three – England, Wales, and Scotland

70.“Matki Dance” which is a variation of Rasa Dance,  is a famous folk dance of which state?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

71.Name the city of Pakistan which is World famous for maximum production of Footballs.

Ans. Sialkot

72.The word metal comes from which Greek word?

Ans. ‘metallon’

73.Which is said to be the highest region of the earth?

Ans. Tibet – 14,370 feet above sea level.

74.Who is Rafa Nadal?

Ans. Tenis Player

75.What is the name of India’s longest Highway having a length of 4,112 km?

Ans. NH44

76.Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year on which day?

Ans:- July 26

77.In which year Delhi was made the capital of India?

Ans:- 1911

78.Gopal Krishna Gokhale was the political guru of which Indian great revolutionary?

Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi

79.Which vitamin is produced most rapidly in our body?

Ans:- Vitamin D

80.Which great man has been given the title of Iron Man?

Ans:- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

81.In which year the river Ganga was declared as the national river of India?

Ans :- On 4th November 2008

82.In which year was the first amendment to the Constitution of India done?

Ans :- In 1951

83.Who wrote “Sare Jahan Se Accha” song?

Ans: Mohammed Iqbal

84.Which is the longest statue of world?

Ans: Statue of unity (Gujarat)

85.Which is the oldest game in the world?

Ans: Sumo

86.Who has invented television?

Ans: John logie Baired

87.Which is the highest mountain peak in India?

Ans: Kangchenjunga

88.Who has taken the first step on Moon?

Ans: Neil Armstrong

89.Charli Chaplin is known for his contribution in which field?

Ans: Cinema

90.Who abolished ‘Sati Partha’ in India ?

Ans: lord William Bentinck

91.What is the internet domain TLD for South Korea?

Ans. .kr

92.What is the capital of Mexico City?

Ans. Mexico City

93.What is the multiplicative inverse of -7/12 and -5?

Ans: -12/7 and -1/5

94.“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is which of Newton’s law of motion?

Ans: Newton’s Third Law

95.What is the chemical symbol of Tungsten?

Ans: W

96.When & Who build the Taj Mahal in Agra?

Ans: In 1632 by Shah Jahan.

97.Who has been appointed as the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in December 2016?

Ans: Viral V Acharya

‌98.In the game of snooker, how many balls are present on the table at the beginning of the game?

Ans: 22

99.Which brand was the official sponsor of the Indian contingent to the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Ans: Amul

100.What is the national sport of Tajikistan?

Ans: Wrestling

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