Sports GK Questions

Sports GK Questions With Answer


Test your Sports GK Questions knowledge with these challenging questions! From the history of sports to the latest stats, these questions will challenge even the most knowledgeable sports fans. Whether you’re a casual fan or a diehard expert, these questions are sure to keep you entertained.

Sports GK Questions

1. Donald Bradman was a great player of which sport?

Ans:- Cricket

2. In which year did India become the champion of world cup cricket for the first time?

Ans:- 1983

3. Who is the first cricketer to be awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar

4. Who started the practice of the polo game in India?

Ans:- Turk

5. Who became India’s second Grand Master in Chess after Vishwanathan Anand?

Ans:- Dibyendu Barua.

6. The term Grand Slam is associated with?

Ans:- Lawn Tennis

7. Who broke Pete Sampras’s record of maximum Grand Slams in tennis?

Ans:- Lala Amarnath

8. The first man to swim across the Palk straits is?

Ans:- Mihir Sen.

9. The term Googly is associated with which sports?

Ans:- Cricket

10. Who was adjudicated as the man of the series in the tournament of ICC World Cup 2011?

Ans:- Yuvraj Singh.

11. Who was the 1st ODI captain for India?

Ans:- Ajit Wadekar

12. In which year did Milkha Singh win the first National title in the 400 m race?

Ans:- 1957

13. Which cricketer died on the field in Bangladesh while playing for Abahani Club?

Ans:- Raman Lamba

14. Who has scored most number of Test hundreds?

Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar

15. The term ‘Back-Stroke’, ‘Breast-Stroke’ and ‘Butterfly Stroke’ are associated with which sports?

Ans:- Swimming

16. Michael Phelps, who won the highest number of gold medals in Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012, broke the record of?

Ans:- Mark Spitz

17. ‘Prince of Wales Cup’ is associated with the game of?

Ans:- Golf

18. Number of players in a team of Water Polo is?

Ans:- 7

19. The First Asian Games was held in which country?

Ans:- India.

20. Gagan Narang is associated with which sports?

Ans:- Shooting.

21. The highest paid footballer of the world is?

Ans:- Lionel Messi.

22. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in?

Ans:- Russia.

23. How much time are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot?

Ans:- 45 seconds

24. First ever Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in?

Ans:- Hamilton Ontario, Canada

25. B. C. Gupta Trophy is associated with?

Ans:- Basketball

26. When was the Commonwealth game started?

Ans:- 1930

27. Which city has hosted Asian Games in 2006?

Ans:- Doha

28. Football World Cup has been won by which country for the maximum number of times?

Ans:- Brazil

29. Which country had started Football World?

Ans:- Uruguay

30. Bandy is national sport of which country?

Ans:- Russia

31. Olympic Games were first started by which country and in which year?

Ans:- Greece (1896)

32. Who was the first person to win the Grand Slam in tennis?

Ans:- John Donald Budge

33. Who revived the Olympic Games?

Ans:- Pierre de Coubertin

34. Which game is associated with ‘Merdeka Cup’?

Ans:- Football

35. When is national sports day of India celebrated?

Ans:- August 29

36. Who was the oldest female player to win the French Open?

Ans:- Zsuzsa Kormoczy

37. When did the first Wimbledon Tennis championship take place?

Ans:- 1877

38. When was overhead smash introduced?

Ans:- 1880

39. Who won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles title for the first time?

Ans:- Lottie Dod

40. Who became the first international Wimbledon Mens Singles Champion?

Ans:- Norman Brookes

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