GK questions for Class 7

GK questions for Class 7


Looking for GK questions for Class 7? Explore our comprehensive collection of engaging and educational GK questions designed specifically for Class 7 students. Enhance your knowledge and boost your exam preparation with our carefully curated set of GK questions. Start your learning journey today!

GK questions for Class 7

1. What are the names of four Vedas?

Ans- Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda

2. When is World Homoeopathy Day observed?

Ans. April 10

3.The square root of 1764 is?

Ans. 42

4.Where is Hemis National Park situated?

Ans. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir state.

5.Name the lake that is situated at the border of Peru-Bolivia?

Ans. Lake Titicaca

6.What does the 30 atomic number denote?

Ans. Zinc

7.What is the theme of World Hearing Day 2022?

Ans. The theme of World Hearing Day 2022 is ‘To hear for life, listen with care!’

8.Where is Mouling National Park situated?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

9.What is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda?

Ans. Saint John’s

10.What is the function of the hump in a camel?

Ans. It stores fat and helps with the insulation of heat.

11.Who has the authority to declare a “Global Emergency”?

Ans. World Health Organisation (WHO)

12.What does the 26 atomic number denote?

Ans. Iron (Fe)

13.Which lake is situated at the border of Peru – Bolivia?

Ans.Lake Titicaca

14.What is the capital city of France?


15.What are the four metropolitan cities of India?

Ans-Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi

16.Char Minar is located in which city?


17. Which state of India has the longest coastline?


18. Which organ performs blood purification in the human body?

Ans- Kidney

19. What disease is caused by vitamin B deficiency?

Ans- Beriberi

20. What is the name of the acid found in lemons?

Ans- Citric Acid

21. What is a healthy blood pressure limit?

Ans- 120/80 mmHg

22. What are the products of anaerobic respiration in yeast?

Ans- Carbon dioxide and Alcohol

23. What is the main source of energy made through photosynthesis for plants?

Ans- Glucose

24. Where is the diaphragm located in the human body?

Ans- Below the lungs

25. Which one of the two minimises wastage of electricity CFL or an electric bulb?

Ans- CFL’s

26.Making India Awesome is authored by whom?

Ans: Chetan Bhagat

27.What comes after a trillion?

Ans: Quadrillion


28.Who is known as the ‘Missile Man of India?’

Ans: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

29.What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?

Ans: Edible seaweed

30.”Matki Dance” which is a variation of Rasa Dance, is a famous folk dance of which state?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh


31.Which mammal doesn’t have vocal cords?

Ans: Giraffe

32. The capital of Abu Dhabi is –

Ans: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

33. Name the state of high blood pressure called – 

Ans: Hypertension


34.Diaphragm is located in which part of the human body?

Ans: Below the lungs

35.Give one example of ball-and-socket joint 

Ans: Shoulder

36.How many bones does the human skull consist of?

Ans: 22 bones

37.Which joint is present in the human elbow?

Ans: Hinge

38.What is the loudest animal on Earth?

Ans: The Blue Whale


39. What is the height of the highest mountain in South America in meters?

Ans: Aconcagua (6,962 m)

40.What does Big Bang Theory explain?

Ans: How the universe began

41.What is the name of India’s longest Highway having a length of 4,112 km?

Ans: NH44

42. How many and which countries are there in Great Britain?

Ans: Three – England, Wales and Scotland

43. India won the Hockey World Cup (Men’s) how many times?

Ans: 1 time

44.What is the square of 42?

Ans- 1764

45.Name the currency used in Japan?

Ans- Yen

46.Birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is observed as?

Ans- National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekta Divas)

47.Name the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain?

Ans- Manama

48.What is the capital of Norway?

Ans- Oslo

49.Who invented electricity?

Ans- Benjamin Franklin

50.Who was the first woman to go to space?

Ans- Valentina Tereshkova

51.What is the capital of Denmark?

Ans- Copenhagen

52.What is the name of the process where excess water in plants gets released?

Ans- Transpiration

53.Which is the smallest three-digit number?

Ans- 1000

54.What is another name for Northern Lights?

Ans- Aurora Boralis

55.Which is the hardest substance on the human body?

Ans- Tooth enamel

56.Which is the loudest animal on Earth?

Ans- Sperm whale

57.Which animal has fingerprints similar to that of humans?

Ans- Koala

58.Which is the fastest snake in the world?

Ans- Black Mamba

59.Name the vitamin that helps to heal wounds?

Ans- Vitamin C

60.What is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Ans- Abu Dhabi

61.Who authored the renowned novel “The Godfather”?

Ans- Mario Puzo

62.The ceiling of Sistine Chapel has frescos painted by which famous painter?

Ans- Michelangelo

63.Who discovered Protons?

Ans- Rutherford

64.What does ‘Xylem’ in plants do?

Ans: Transport water

65.Which is the ‘class’ of Octopus?

Ans: Cephalopod

66.Which day is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day?

Ans: March 15

67.Cataract is the disease of _.

Ans- Eye

68.Which is the first Asian country to orbit Mars?

Ans: India

69.Which are the colors of the rings of the Olympic flag?

Ans: Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow

70.Which is the device used to locate submerged objects under sea?


71.How many bones and teeth do adult sharks have?

Ans: No bones, only cartilage, and over 3000 teeth at once

72.What vitamin does the sun’s ultraviolet rays help the skin produce?

Ans: Vitamin D

73.Who is the founder of ‘ISRO?’

Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation was founded by Vikram Sarabhai

74.What is a tall chef’s hat called?

Ans: Toque

75.What classic video game requires you to eat all the dots throughout a maze?

Ans: Pac-Man

76.How many languages are written right to left?

Ans: 12 languages

77.Why do sea otters hold hands?

Ans: So they don’t float away

78.What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?

Ans: Edible seaweed

79.How many galaxies are there in the universe?

Ans: Over 100 billion galaxies

80.Tweedledum and Tweedledee are characters from which famous children’s book?

Ans: Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

81.There’s an amphibian that never sleeps. What is it?

Ans: Bullfrogs

82.Where is the headquarters of UNESCO?

Ans: Paris, France

83.What does space sound like?

Ans: It has no sound

84.How much weight can an ant lift?

Ans: Up to 5,000 times its weight

85.In which ocean did the famous Titanic sink in 1912?

Ans: North Atlantic Ocean

86.How many Earths could fit inside the sun?

Ans: 1.3 million Earths

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