World History Syllabus College

World History Syllabus College


Download a free PDF copy of a comprehensive World History Syllabus College students. This syllabus covers all major topics in world history, from ancient civilizations to the present day. It is designed to help students develop a deep understanding of the past and its impact on the modern world.

World History Syllabus College

Fakir Mohan University’s World History Syllabus College is an exciting and challenging course that covers a wide range of topics, from the ancient world to the present day. Students will learn about the rise and fall of civilizations, the development of major religions, and the impact of wars and revolutions. They will also explore the social, economic, and political forces that have shaped our world.

Social formation and cultural patterns of the medieval world:- 

Polity and economy in ancient rome:- 

  1. Polity and Empire in ancient rome
  2. Crises of the roman empire – rise  and fall of Julius Caesar
  3. Agrarian economy
  4. Urbanization and trade

Economic developments in Europe from 7th to 14th centuries:-

  1. Agricultural production
  2. Towns and trade
  3. Feudalism – origin, growth and decline

Religion and culture in medieval Europe

  1. Medieval Church
  2. Monastic communities
  3. Papacy

Society in central Islamic lands

  1. The tribal background rise of Islamic; rise of sultanates 
  2. Religious development: the origins of shariah

Rise of the modern West – 1 :- 

Transition from feudalism to capitalism

  1. The problems of transition: economic expansion, industrial production
  2. Trade and commerce
  3. Urban development, town life

Early colonial expansion

  1. Motives, voyages and exploration
  2. The conquests of america
  3. Mining and plantation, the African slaves

Renaissance and reformation

  1. Its social roots spreads of humanism in Europe
  2. The Renaissance: art, architecture, sculpture, painting and literature
  3. Origins and spread of reformation movements
  4. Emergence of European State system: spain, France, England, Russia

Economic developments of the sixteenth century

  1. shift of economic balance from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
  2. commercial revolution – causes and nature
  3. growth of industries and its impact

Rise of the modern west – II :- 

The English revolution and European politics in the 18th century

  1. Background: socio – economic and political crisis in 17 th century Europe
  2. Major issues – political and intellectual currents 
  3. Parliamentary monarchy
  4. Patterns of absolutism in Europe

Rise of Modern Science

  1. Development of science from Renaissance to the 17th century
  2. Impact of modern science on European society

Mercantilism and European economy

  1. origin and spread of mercantilism
  2. impact of mercantilism on European economy
  3. agricultural and scientific background to the industrial revolution

The American revolution

  1. political currents
  2. socio – economic issues
  3. significance of the American revolution

Historical theories and methods:- 

Meaning and scope of history

  1. definition, nature and scope of history
  2. object and value of history
  3. history, science and morality

Traditions of historical writing

  1. ancient Greek tradition – herodotus, thucydides
  2. ancient Roman traditions – polybius, livy and tacitus
  3. medieval understanding: western – St. Augustine, Arabic – Ibn khaldun

History as interdisciplinary practice

  1. History and archaeology, history and anthropology
  2. History and psychology, history and literature
  3. History and political science

Historical methods 

  1. sources of history: written, oral, visual and archaeological
  2. historical facts
  3. historical causation
  4. historical objectivity

History of modern Europe – I( c. 1780- 1880)

The French revolution ( 1789)

  1. Socio, religious, economic and political conditions 
  2. Intellectual currents 
  3. Role of the middle classes

Revolution and its European repercuy

  1. national constituent assembly
  2. national legislative assembly
  3. napoleonic consolidation – reform and Empire

Restoration and revolution: c. 1815-1848

  1. Congress of Vienna restoration of old hierarchy
  2. revolutionary and radical movements- 
  3. July revolution (1830) and
  4. February revolution (1848)

Socio – economic transfermation and remarking of states ( late 18th century to late 19th century)

  1. Process of capitalist development: agrarian and industrial revolutions in england and German states
  2. Evolution of social classes: land owners , peasantry: bourgeoisie and proletariat
  3. Popular movements and the formation of national identities in Germany and Italy, ireland

History of modern Europe II (c. 1880-1939):- 

Liberal democracy, working class movements and socialism in the 19 th and 20th centuries

  1. The struggle for parliamentary democracy and civil liberties in Britain
  2. Forms of protest during early capitalism: food riots in France and England: luddites and chartism
  3. Early socialist thoughts; marxian socialism

The crisis of feudalism in Russia and experiments in socialism

  1. Emancipation of serfs
  2. Revolutions of 1905; the bolshevik revolution of 1917
  3. Programme of socialist construction

Imperialism, war, and crisis: c.1880-1939

  1. Growth of militarism; Power blocks and alliances : expansion of European empires – first world war ( 1914-1918)
  2. Fascism and Nazism
  3. The Spanish civil war
  4. Origin of second word war

Intellectual developments since circa 1850 : Major intellectual trends

  1. Mass education and extension of literacy
  2. Institutionalization of disciplines : history, sociology and anthropology
  3. Darwin and Freud

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