Room Agreement Format in MS Word

Best 10 Room Agreement Format in MS Word


Looking for a hassle-free way to draft a room agreement? Discover the benefits of using the Room Agreement Format in MS Word! Customize your rental document, collaborate easily, and create a comprehensive agreement to simplify the rental process. Don’t miss this user-friendly tool!

Room Agreement Format in MS Word

Introduction: Renting a room can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, whether you’re a student moving into a dormitory, a young professional starting out in a new city, or simply looking for a temporary accommodation. To ensure a smooth and stress-free living experience, a well-drafted room agreement is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a Room Agreement Format in MS Word and how it simplifies the rental process for both landlords and tenants.

Why Use MS Word for Room Agreements? MS Word is one of the most widely used word processing tools globally, and for good reason. It offers a user-friendly interface, various formatting options, and the ability to create professional documents quickly and efficiently. Using MS Word for room agreements provides the following advantages:

1. Customization: The Room Agreement Format in MS Word allows tenants to customize the document to suit their specific needs. They can easily modify or remove terms, and personalize the agreement as per their conditions.

2. Easy Collaboration: When drafting a room agreement, communication between the landlord and tenant is essential. MS Word facilitates easy collaboration through features like “Track Changes” and “Comments,” allowing both parties to review and discuss the document until they reach a consensus.

3. Pre-designed Templates: Our MS Word Format offers a wide range of pre-designed templates, including room agreement templates. These templates provide a basic structure, making it more convenient for landlords and tenants to create their agreements by simply filling in the required details.

Key Components of a Room Agreement: A comprehensive room agreement should cover essential aspects to ensure a clear understanding between the landlord and tenant. Here are some key components that should be included:

1. Names and Contact Information: Include the full names, addresses, and contact details of both the landlord and tenant.

2. Rent Details: Clearly state the rent amount, payment due date, and the preferred mode of payment (cash, bank transfer, etc.).

3. Security Deposit: Specify the amount of the security deposit, the conditions for its refund, and any deductions that may apply.

4. Duration of Tenancy: Mention the start and end date of the tenancy. If it’s a fixed-term lease, clearly state the duration of the agreement.

5. Rights and Responsibilities: Outline the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant during the tenancy, such as maintenance responsibilities and rules for using common areas.

6. Termination Clause: Include a termination clause that outlines the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement before its natural expiration.

7. Signatures: Leave space for the signatures of both the landlord and tenant, along with the date of signing.

Conclusion: In conclusion, using MS Word for drafting a room agreement provides a user-friendly and efficient approach to create a well-structured document that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy. This ensures a harmonious living arrangement for both the landlord and tenant, minimizing the chances of disputes during the tenancy period.

Remember, a room agreement is a legally binding document, so it is crucial to read and understand each clause carefully before signing. Seek legal advice if needed and maintain open communication with the other party to foster a positive living experience.

Take advantage of MS Word’s flexibility and accessibility to create a comprehensive room agreement that protects both parties’ interests and lays the foundation for a successful tenancy. Happy renting!

Room Agreement Format in MS Word 1#


This deed of agreement is made on dt. 01.08.2023 between Sri xxxxxxxx ged about 63 years S/o xxxxxxx, At/Po- Prxxxxpur, Ps- Bxxxpal, Dist-Bxxxre the power of attorney holder of the land mentioned in scheduled here under vide registration deed No 1007xx528 dt. 04.09.2021 of Sub-Register, Baliapal herein called as 1st party of the one part.


Sri Pxxat Kumar Sxxx, aged about 26 years, S/o- Late Ramesh Sahoo, At- Kxxxsingh, Po/Ps- Bxxpal, Dist- Balxxe herein called the 2nd party of the other part. WHERE AS the first party is the Land Lord and absolute owner of the land mentioned in scheduled here under and disires to let out the said land and the 2nd party agrees to take the same for a period of 1 (One) month from dt. 15.08.2023 to 14.09.2023 on monthly rent Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand) only per month with effect from dt. 15.08.2023 with the purpose of temporary Rakhi & Clay Statuette Shop and both the arties are agreed and bound by the following terms and conditions:-

1.         That the monthly rent of Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand) only per month will be paid by the 2nd party to the 1st party within the first week of each month besides the 2nd party shall deposit Rs. 5000/- (Five thousand) only as a security with the first party which shall be refunded to the 2nd party only after expiry of this tenancy without any interest of the said security money.


2.         That the 2nd party shall not add or alter any construction or structure of the schedule land without perior permission of the 1st party.

3.         That the 2nd party shall pay Electric Bill charges every month over and above the monthly rent within the stipulated time mentioned in the TPNODL Utility bills and the money receipt there to shall be deposited with the 1st party every month. Failing which the last party is entitled to disconnect the electricity connection to the said land.

4.         That if either of the parties shall desire to vacate the scheduled land shall give fifteen days prior notice.

5.         That this agreement will be only 1 (One) month from the date of execution of the agreement and the 2nd party shall have to vacate the land by the end of 14.09.2023 positively.

6.         That the 2nd party has no right to sub-let the said land to any other party/parties and if doing so he will be evicted from the land at once.

7.         That the 2nd party shall keep the land in good condition and shall hand over to the 1st party without any hindrance at the time of termination of this tenancy.


8.         That if the tanant fails to pay monthly rent in the manner fixed, shall be treated as defulter and shall be liable to pay interest @12% per annum for the defulted period.

9.         That the tanant shall not damage or causes damage to the flooring, boundary walls and it shall be imediately repaired to the cost of tenant.

10.       The land lord at all resonable time as or right with due intimation to the tenant may enter the tenanted land for inspection, repaires, maintenance advise/instruct the tanant to cause all minor repairs, maintances as and when necesity aries to cause major repair if any.

11.       That the 2nd party shall not entitled to do any unlawfull act or to keep store any offensive/ explosive /excise article inside the tanant land. The first party shall not be liable or responsible for the above act would be committed by the 2nd party in respect of tananted land.

12.       That the 2nd party shall deliver the vacant possession of the tananted premises in good condition to the first party after expiry of the tenanted period failing which the 2nd party. shall be treated as trespasser and liable for criminal prosecution and also the 2nd party shall pay a sum of Rs.2000/- (Two thousand) per day as damage for each day of unauthorized occupation of the schedule land after expiry of the period of tenancy till the date of delivery of vacant possession to the 1st party.

13.       That in no case violation of any terms and condition of this agreement by any party the other party is at liberty to take shelter in the proper court of law.


In witness:-     We the above named parties have signed this the day, month and year first above written in presence of following witness.

1.                                                                                                                     1st Party

2.                                                                                                                     2nd Party


Situted at Mouza- Kachuapada, Ps- Baliapal, Dist- Balasore land area measuring Khata No- 169/ 228, Plot No- 133/ 882 area A0.02 dec. (GB) & Plot No-135/ 183 area A0.02 Dec (GB) Total area- A0.04 dec. Boundary by on the North & West- Sanjay Ku. Dey, South- Baliapal To Kalipada Govt. Road, East- Sadik Hosen & Sanjay Ku. Dey.

2nd Party                                                                                            1st Party

Room Agreement Format in MS Word 2 #


This Rent Agreement is made on this date ……………………………… Sri xxx ena, aged about 50 years, S/o:- xxxxar Jena of village:-Kxxxpada, P.O.- Bxxxulia, P.S.- Bxxxal, Dist- Balxxre in the State of Odisha, Pin 756xx, Mob No – 94xxx232. Herein after called the Lessor / Owner of the Home, Party of the first Part


Biswal Sales : GSTIN/UIN: 21Axx5xx1ZP : Proprietor: Mrs Rxxjita Bisxxal, aged about 40 years, W/O – Sri Axta xxx of Village : Kxxxada, P.O.- Badxxxia, P.S.- Bxxpal, Dist- Bxxre in the State of Odisha, Pin 75xxx. Mob NO 94xxx3636, called lessee / Tenant, Party of the Second Part.


Dist – Bxre, P.S. – Balixal, Thana No – 753, Mouza :- Kacxada, Khata No : 1669/7, Plot No – 169/645, Area : AC0.12 Dec., Kissam- Gharabari Rented Property is ground Floor only approx. 1600 Sqft. with vacant area.

The 1st Party member & the 2nd Party member agreed as followed:

1. That, the 1st  Party member is the absolute owner of the house and intend to give on rent the ground floor to the 2nd Party for the purpose of business, i.e. Hose Building materials.

2. That, this agreement be affected from 15/05/2023 to 14/05/2028.

3. That, the 2nd Party member will pay to the 1st party, the monthly rent of Rs.30,000/-(Thirty thousand rupees) only + GST as applicable on each or before 7th day of the English calendar month by way of online payment.

4. That, the 2nd party will pay the electric bill as per his consumption to the electric office per month.

5. That the Lessee paid an amount Rs.3,00,000/- (Three Lakh Only) as interest free security Money to the Lessor & the same will be returned to the Lessee at the time of vacant of property/ expiry or termination of rent agreement.

6. That, in every three years there is a 15% of increase on monthly rent amount.

7. That Tenant / Lessee shall not sublet, not share with anybody else to the said tenanted house in any time to anybody failing which 1st party member will take shelter in competent court of Law.

8. That the Tenant / Lessee shall abide by all the byelaws, rules and regulation of the local authorities in respect of the demised premises and shall not do any illegal activities in the said demised premises.

9. That the Tenant/ Lessee shall not be entitled to make any structure or structural changes in the rented premises.

10. That, the 2nd party allows the Lessor / Owner or his authorized agent to entire in to the said tenanted premises for inspection / general checking or to carry out the repair work at any time.

11. That, the Owner shall carry on all repairs whenever required

12. That this Agreement may be terminated before the expiry of this tenancy period by serving three months prior notice by either party for this intention.

13. That, the Lessee shall use the above said premises for Official Purpose Only.

14. That, the Lessee Tenant shall not store / Keep any offensive, dangerous, explosive or highly Inflammable articles in the said premises and shall not use the same for any unlawful activities.

15. The, 2nd party tenant shall keep the said house in good condition. If any damage, the cost will be paid by the 2nd party.


(Name & Address)

(1)                                                                        1st Party

(2)                                                                        2nd party

Room Agreement Format in MS Word 4#

This Rent   Agreement is made on this 2nd January 2024by

  1. Shri xxx Saxxxal, S/o- Shri Abhimanyu Samal,Village- Dantunida, P.O.- Debhog, P.S.- Baliapal, District- Balasore, ODISHA – 756023.
  2. Shri xxxak Saxxxal, S/o- Shri Abhimanyu Samal,Village- Dantunida, P.O.- Debhog, P.S.- Baliapal, District- Balasore, ODISHA – 756023.

Herein after called the Lessor / Owner, Party Of the first part


xxs & xxxxs Workshop, through its managing partner  Raxxxkar xxax called Lessee/Tenant, Party of the Second Part

That theexpression of theterm, Lessor/Ownerand theLessee/Tenantshallmeanand include their legal heirs’successors, assigns,representative etc.Whereas the Lessor /Owner is the owner and in possession of the property“Khata No.-553/128, Plot no.- 5506, Mouja- Dantxxxida, Tahasil- Bxxpal, Dist.- Baxxre, Oxxa.”

has agreed to let out   the said property to theTenant/Lessee.


  1. That the Tenant/Lessee shall pay as the monthly rentof Rs. 1500.00 (Fifteen Hundred) per month, excluding electricity and water charge.
  • That the Tenant /Lessee shallabide byall the bye – laws, rules andregulations of the local authorities in respect of the demised premises and shall not doany illegal activities in the said demised premises.
  • That this Lease isgranted for a periodof Eleven (11) months only commencing from2nd of January 2024and this leasecan be extended furtherby both the parties withtheir mutual consentbased on prevailing rental value in the market.
  • That the Tenant/lesseeshall pay Electricity & Water charge as perthe proportionate consumption of the meter to the Lessor /Owner.
  • That the Tenant/lessee canneither make addition/alteration in the said premises without the written consent of the Lessor /Owner, nor the Tenant/lessee can subletpart or entire premises to any person(s)/firm(s)/company(s).
  • That the Tenant/Lessee shall permit the Lessor/Owner or his authorized agent to enter thesaid tenanted premises for inspection/generalchecking or to carry out the repair work, at any reasonable time.
  • That the Tenant/Lessee shall keep the said premises inclean & hygienic condition and shall not do or cause to be done any act which may be a nuisance to other.
  • That the Tenant/Lessee shall carry out all day-to-day minor repairs athis/her own cost.
  • That thisagreement may be terminatedbefore theexpiry of this tenancy period by serving one-month prior notice by either party for thisintention.
  1. That the Tenant/Lessee shall use the above said premises for wood related business only.
  1. That the Tenant/Lessee shall not store/keep any offensive, dangerous, explosive, or highly inflammable articles in the said premises and shall notuse the same for any unlawful activities.
  1. That the Tenant/Lessee shall pay the one month’s advance rent to the Lessor/Owner the same shall be adjusted in monthly rent.
  1. That both the parties have read over and understood all the contents of this agreement and have signed the same without any force or pressure from any side.
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