PF Withdrawal Online


PF Withdrawal Online

The Government of India will pay the employer and employee contribution to pf withdrawal online account of employees for another three months from June to August 2020. The benefit is for establishments with up to 100 employees and where 90% of those employees draw a salary of less than Rs 15,000 per month. The contribution to EPF is reduced to 10% from 12% for non-government organisations.

PF withdrawal claim is made by an employee if he is unemployed or when he retires. 75% of the EPF balance can be withdrawn after one month of unemployment and the remaining 25% can be withdrawn after two months of unemployment. You can make a withdrawal claim by filling the EPF withdrawal form online. Note that you can use the online withdrawal claim facility only if your Aadhaar is linked with your UAN.

When can EPF be withdrawn

One may choose to withdraw EPF entirely or partially. EPF claim status can be completely withdrawn under any of the following circumstances:

a. When an individual retires

b. When an individual remains unemployed for more than two months. To make a withdrawal on this circumstance, the individuals must get an attestation of the same from a gazetted office.

The complete withdrawal of EPF while switching employers without remaining unemployed for two months or more (i.e. during the interim period between changing jobs), is against the PF rules and regulations and therefore is not allowed. Partial withdrawal of EPF can be made under certain circumstances and subject to certain prescribed conditions which have been discussed in brief below:



  •  Members with authenticated Aadhaar and Bank details seeded against their UAN can now submit their PF Withdrawal/Settlement/Transfer claims online.
  •  One mobile number can be used for one registration only.
  • A member can view the passbooks of the EPF accounts which has been tagged with UAN.
  • The facility of passbook is not available for members of establishments having exemption under the EPF Scheme 1952.

Document on PF withdraw Online

  • Bank Passbook
  • Mobile Number link in Adhar 

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How to Check EPF Claim Status?

EPF withdrawal can be done through the UAN member portal. The member has to first activate his UAN and then log in to the portal for online withdrawal. The portal can also be used to transfer funds from his old PF account to a new account. Other online services such as eKYC, contact details update, etc. can also be performed through this portal.

Particulars of reasons for withdrawal

Medical purposes
Purchase of land or purchase/construction of a house
Home loan repayment
Partial withdrawal before retirement

Benefits of EPF Withdrawal Online

Making an online EPF withdrawal claim has a number of benefits, some of which are listed below-

Hassle-free Withdrawal- The online process of EPF withdrawal claim saves you from the hassle of visiting the PF office in person and standing in long queues.

Reduced Processing Time- With online claims, the amount will be processed and credited into your bank account within 15-20 days of the application. This processing time will further be reduced as per the government plans.

No need to visit the previous employer for verification- Unlike offline claims, wherein you have to get your documents attested by the employer, online claims get verified automatically. This is especially helpful for people who have moved to a new city as it saves them from the trouble of mailing documents or travelling long distances

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