Odia Grammar Quiz Test Part 1


Part 1


Odia Grammar Quiz test

Odia Grammar quiz test: Hello my readers and welcome back to another quiz. I’m going to be going through the grammatical rules to test your knowledge of our language. In addition, I’m also going to explain that there are some common rules that we are all taught as a young child. Let’s start.


If you’re not familiar with this term grammar, it is when we learn about syllables. There are two types of syllables; primary and secondary. Primary syllables are words or phrases that are formed based on the initial sound of their letter. Secondary syllables are words or phrases that have been arranged into groups and can come and go and they have no specific order in which they are arranged. So if I say “I am hungry”, I mean there is only one primary syllable present is “o” in the word “iam” so it has the word of the alphabet at number 2. The main thing in grammar is knowing how to make nouns pronounceable and verbs understandable and then form sentences that work. It is easier than saying I am hungry when I am but it is impossible to know for sure a verb by heart unless you do something stupid like read over it. Sometimes I don’t need th

ose little details but because I’ve tried to cram them in as much as possible I try to use a single form of the verb instead of just making it a part of a sentence. If you watch the movie Breakfast Club you will understand, as you would imagine it is made on a computer program that means some things are easier to understand than others because of their relation to pictures and images.


There are some rules that everyone should take in mind as they start learning and teaching English. If you don’t know these rules when you first start out you can check it out here. odia grammer quiz test

If you start a new topic at school without reading the rest of the

books it is better to start with the vocabulary you already know and see what the teacher will give you. Or start off doing the same thing and then find out more about it. Otherwise this works best when you start reading a textbook and then you pick and choose until you get to the part or chapters that you really love.

It is always fun to play with other students and discuss topics t

hat interest you and at times even to get to know them from a distance. A good way to get to know someone from afar is to ask them questions. Ask your classmates questions about their chosen subjects. Maybe they want to know why you did something or maybe they want to know what movie stars have done while living in America. Good luck on the upcoming quiz! Thanks for reading!


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