50 Model GS PAPER Practice SET Questions And Answers.


GS PAPER Practice SET Questions And Answers: Are you preparing for a competitive exam and looking to improve your General Science knowledge? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you. Our Model General Science Paper Practice Set provides you with a comprehensive set of questions and answers designed to test and enhance your understanding of key concepts in the field of science.

Q1- Newton’s first law is also known as _?
A- Law of friction
B- Law of inertia
C- Law of moment
D- Law of motion

Ans- B

Q2 The cooling by a desert cooler is based on
A- Evaporate cooling
B- Hot air replacement
C- Air Rehydration
D- Air dehydration

Ans- A

Q3- cooling is done by
A- Flow of water
B- cooking Gas
C- Release of compressed Gas
D-Melting the solid

Ans- C

Q4- which of the following pairs is INCORRECT?
I.Haematite : iron
II.Pitchblende : copper
III.Monazite : Thorium
A- only I
B- only II
C- only I and II
D- only I and III


Q5- what is an endothermic reaction?
A- Reaction in which heat is released
B- Reaction in which heat is absorbed
C- Neither heat is released nor absorbed
D- Non of these

Ans- B

Q6- which of the following is an ore of Aluminium?
A- Galena
B- Cryolite
C- Cinnabar
D- Epsom salt

Ans- B

Q7- Blood group AB has__
A- No antigen
B- No Antibody
C- Neither antigen not Antibody
D- Both antigen And Antibody

Ans- B

Q8- Which Vitamins are those,if taken in excess can be dangerous as they are stored in the body?
A- B complex
B- E and C
C- A and D
D-B and C

Ans- C

Q9 – Ornithophily is effected by
A- snails
B- Bats
C- Insects
D- Birds

Ans – D

Q10- which of the following vitamins help in the absorption of calcium?
A- vitamin A
B- Vitamin D
C- Vitamin B1
D- Vitamin B2

Ans- B

Q11 in Which year did the Portuguese Captured Goa from Bijapur?
A- 1498
B- 1510
C- 1516
D- 1569

Ans- B

Q12- During the Indian freedom struggle,who founded the Parthana Samaj?
A- Atmaram Pandurang
B- Gopal Hari Deshmukh
C- Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
D- Keshab Chandra Sen

Ans- A

Q13- Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak hailed from
A- Bengal
B- Kashmir
C- Maharashtra
D- Tamilnadu

Ans- C

Q14 The Mohemmadan Anglo- oriental college of Aligarh was Founded by–
A- Md. Ali Jinah
B- Mohammad Ali
C- Saukat Ali
D- Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


Q15- The solar radiation coming to Earth is called
A- radiant energy
B- Isolation
C- Sunshine
D- Terrestrial radiation


Q16- How does the Sun get its energy?
A- From Gravitational pressure
B- from Nuclear fission
C- from Nuclear Fusion
D- Due to attraction from Earth

Ans- C

Q17- study of universe is known as?
A- sociology
B- Cosmology
C- universology
D- Petology

Ans- B

Q18- which of the following non member of Parliament has the right to address it?
A- Attorney general of India
B- solicitor general of India
C- chief justice of India
D- chief Election commissioner

Ans -A

Q19- The parliament lower House is called as—-
A- Legislative assembly
B- Legislative council
C- rajyasabha
C- Loksabha

Ans- D

Q20- when did the first lok sabha function –?
A- 1952-1956
C. 1952- 1957
D.none of the above

Ans- C

GS PAPER Practice SET Questions And Answers

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