ITBP ADMIT CARD Post of Constable-2017


Admit Card for Recruitment to the Post of Constable/Tradesman/Water Carrier-2017


  1. The candidates are required to read these instructions carefully before reporting to the allocated Test Centre on the Date and Time mentioned above.
  2. The candidate should bring original Photo Identity Proof i.e. Voter Identity Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport or Aadhaar Card, Identity Card issued by University/College or any ID Card issued by Government.
  3. No candidate will be allowed to appear in the examination without producing this Admit Card & valid Photo Identity Card.
  4. Request for change in test date/session/centre/venue will not be considered under any circumstances.
  5. This Admit Card is being issued on the basis of information filled by the candidate in application form.
  6. Your candidature for the COMPUTER BASED TEST (CBT) is “PROVISIONAL” pending detailed scrutiny of eligibility as per the advertisement and recruitment regulations of ITBP. No one can claim his/her selection on the basis of this Admit Card.
  7. Candidate’s reporting time will be 07:00 am to complete pre examination formalities i.e. Thermal Scanning, Biometrics & Frisking. Entry will be closed by 09:30 am. No entry will be allowed after 09:30 am.
  8. CBT will be conducted from 10:30 am to 11:30 am on 19/03/2021. The total duration of test is 60 minutes. Each correct answer shall carry one mark. No marks will be awarded for questions not attempted. However, marks will be awarded for questions answered and marked for review.
  9. Candidates shall be strictly barred from going outside the Test Centre during the examination period.
  10. Static mock link for mock test will be uploaded on ITBPF recruitment website for facility of candidates in due course.
  11. After Biometric verification candidate will be directed to proceed to the allocated computer node and will not be allowed to leave the Examination Hall/Room till the completion of CBT.
  12. In following situations candidate is liable to be disqualified, his/her candidature will be cancelled and legal action would be taken against such candidates as per rules & would be reported to police, if necessary :-
    1. At any point of time during test the candidate found in possession of electronic devices like smart phone, feature phone, electronic gadgets, earphones or microphones, all type of watches, electronic or non-electronic communication devices, hand bags, purse, calculator, log tables/pager, digital diary, book/notes (even in switched off condition also)/documents and any type of metallic items, etc. inside the Examination lab.
    2. If found to be disclosing, publishing, reproducing, transmitting, storing or facilitating transmission & storage of test contents in any form or any information therein in whole or part thereof or by any means i.e., verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or taking away the rough papers supplied in the exam centre or found to be in unauthorized possession of test content.
    3. If found obstructing the conduct of exam or creating disturbances at the exam venue.
    4. If found indulged in cheating or misconduct or violence on the part of the candidate at the Test Centre.
  13. Candidates are also advised not to bring any valuable/ costly items or jewellery to the examination centre as arrangement of safe keeping of the same cannot be assured and exam centre will not be responsible for safe custody, loss or theft.
  14. The User ID and PASSWORD for the Computer Based Test will be provided to the Candidates 10 minutes before commencement of test at their respective computer terminal by test administrators/invigilators. The candidates will be required to enter Login ID and PASSWORD for appearing in Computer Based Test. Please ensure that candidates’ particulars appearing on the computer screen are correct after Login.
  15. For rough work, candidates should bring at least two transparent blue/ black ball point pens, while one paper would be provided at the test centre, which must be deposited back to the invigilator after conclusion of the exam.
  16. Candidates can view their individual answers/online response (own answers and answer key) on 21/03/2021 by logging into online application portal on ITBP recruitment website <> with their registered credentials. In case of query/objection in respect of any question(s) and its answer, it is to be submitted only through email on email ID [email protected] by 22/03/2021 04:00 pm with documentary evidence in following format:-

Roll Number

Question ID

Objection Description

Supporting Documents

Thereafter, no representation will be entertained. Response/Objection/Query related to questions or keys received through any other mode of communication/channel or other email IDs or objections received after stipulated time will not be entertained under any circumstances.

  1. The candidates should regularly visit ITBP recruitment website as well as their email ID (provided at the time of registration) including spam/junk folder for latest updates related to recruitment process and mock test.
  2. For any assistance you may contact on ITBP Recruitment Helpline Nos- 011-24369482/24369483 on working days (0930 Hrs to 1800 Hrs).

  1. Candidate must bring their own Face Mask, Hand Gloves, personal hand sanitizer (50ml), transparent blue/black ball point pen, PET water Bottle (transparent) & the exam related documents (Admit Card, Photo ID Card etc.). No other items will be permitted inside exam Lab/Hall.
  2. Temperature of a candidate will be checked at the entry to the exam venue via a Thermo Gun.
  3. Maintaining appropriate distance between candidates will be mandatory.
  4. Candidates will come at their own risk in view of COVID-19.
  5. Candidate must maintain social distancing starting from point of entry in the exam venue till his/her exit from the exam venue and follow the Signage/Notice Board.
  6. Candidate’s Roll Number and the Lab Number will NOT be displayed outside the exam venue, but the same will be provided to the candidates individually at the time of entry to the exam venue after their Admit Card and ID verification.
  7. Candidates need to follow directions given by Examination Centre representatives during the CBT.
  8. The candidate will be directed to sanitize his / her hands using sanitizer before Biometric verification.
  9. Candidates will be under CCTV surveillances from entry to exit in the examination premises.


    1. Total duration of examination is 60 minutes.
    2. The clock will be set at the server. The countdown timer in the top right corner of screen will display the remaining time available for you to complete the examination. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end by itself. Candidate will not be required to end or submit test.
    3. The Question Palette displayed on the right side of screen will show the status of each question using one of the following symbols:

The Marked for Review status for a question simply indicates that you would like to look at that question again. If a question is answered and Marked for Review, your answer for that question will be considered in the evaluation.

    1. You can click on the “>” arrow which appears to the left of question palette to collapse the question palette thereby maximizing the question window. To view the question palette again, you can click on “< ” which appears on the right side of question window.
    2. You can click on your “Profile” image on top right corner of your screen to change the language during the exam for entire question paper. On clicking of Profile image you will get a drop-down to change the question content to the desired language.
    3. You can click on   to navigate to the bottom and   to navigate to the top of the question area, without scrolling.

Navigating to a Question:

    1. To answer a question, do the following:
      1. Click on the question number in the Question Palette at the right of your screen to go to that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the current question.
      2. Click on Save & Next to save your answer for the current question and then go to the next question.
      3. Click on Mark for Review & Next to save your answer for the current question, mark it for review, and then go to the next question.
      4. Caution: Note that your answer for the current question will not be saved, if you navigate to another question directly (without saving the answer) by clicking on its question number. 

Answering a Question :

    1. Procedure for answering a multiple choice type question:
      1. To select your answer, click on the button of one of the options
      2. To deselect your chosen answer, click on the button of the chosen option again or click on the Clear Response button
      3. To change your chosen answer, click on the button of another option
      4. To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button
      5. To mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button. If any answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, your answer for that question will be considered in that evaluation.
    2. To change your answer to a question that has already been answered, first select that question for answering and then follow the procedure for answering that type of question.

Navigating through sections:

  1. Sections in this question paper are displayed on the top bar of the screen. Questions in a section can be viewed by clicking on the section name. The section you are currently viewing is highlighted.
  2. After clicking the Save & Next button on the last question for a section, you will automatically be taken to the first question of the next section.
  3. You can shuffle between sections and questions anytime during the examination as per your convenience only during the time stipulated.
  4. Candidate can view the corresponding section summary as part of the legend that appears in every section above the question palette.

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