IGNOU BA Assignment PDF Download

IGNOU BA Assignment PDF Download


Get step-by-step instructions to IGNOU BA Assignment PDF Download effortlessly. Download IGNOU BA assignment PDFs, including BPCG, BANS, BPAC, BPCS, etc. Conveniently, do all the work in one place.

Downloading Your IGNOU BA Assignments in PDF: A Step-by-Step Guide

Balancing paintings, lifestyles, and research can be complex, specifically while pursuing an IGNOU BA diploma. The precise information is that staying on the pinnacle of your assignments is okay! This weblog post will guide you via easily downloading your IGNOU BA assignment PDFs directly from the university internet site.

Before you begin:

  •  Make sure you have your enrollment number and programme code handy. You’ll need these to access your specific assignments.
  •  Have a stable internet connection. Downloading PDFs requires a reliable internet connection.

Here’s how to download your IGNOU BA assignment PDFs:

  1. Head to the IGNOU website: Visit the official IGNOU website at https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/.
  2.  Navigate to the “Assignments” section. Look for the “Student Zone” section on the IGNOU homepage. Under this, you’ll find a link titled “Assignments.” Click on this link.
  3. Select your Programme: On the “Assignments” page, you’ll see a list of different programmes. Scroll down and click on “Bachelor’s Degree Programmes”.
  4. Choose your specific BA programme: You’ll now see a list of Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by IGNOU. Find your particular BA programme (e.g., BDP/BA, CBCS/BAG) and click on it.
  5.  Select your session: A new page will open displaying available sessions. Choose the session for which you want to download assignments (e.g., January 2024-July 2024).
  6.  Find your assignments: On the next page, you’ll see a list of courses offered in your chosen session. Click on the course for which you want to download the assignment.
  7.  Download the PDF: Look for the “Download Assignment” link next to the specific assignment you need. Visit our Download Table section for the PDF file.

 Additional tips:

  •  You can download multiple assignment PDFs at once by selecting them before clicking the “Download Assignment” button.
  •  Save the downloaded PDFs in a well-organized folder for easy access later.
  •  If you encounter any problems downloading the assignments, contact your IGNOU study centre for assistance.


  • Downloading your assignments early gives you ample time to complete them thoughtfully.
  • Refer to your course materials and IGNOU website for instructions and submission deadlines.
  • Feel free to contact your study centre or faculty for questions or clarifications.

Disclaimer: We recommend consulting the IGNOU website and contacting your study centre directly.

IGNOU BA Assignment PDF Download Link

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