He Prabhu Ananda Data Odia Prathana

He Prabhu Ananda Data Odia Prathana | ହେ ପ୍ରଭୋ ଆନନ୍ଦ ଦାତା


He Prabhu Ananda Data Odia Prathana : Odia God Prayer is a prayer that was believed to have been uttered by Lord Jagannath before he ascended to heaven. The prayer invokes the blessings of Lord Jagannath on the devotee, and is believed to help improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. The prayer is said to provide soteriological benefits such as salvation, liberation from sufferings in this life and the next, and even eternal life. Odia God Prayer can be uttered at any time of the day or night, and can be performed either alone or in a group setting.

Odisha God Prayer is the most powerful prayer that can help you achieve peace, happiness, success, and abundance in your life. Odisha God Prayer is a specially designed prayer that helps you connect with the Almighty and tap into his infinite power to help you reach your goals. This prayer also helps you connect with your guardian angels and get guidance from them to help you achieve success in life. If you are looking for a powerful prayer that can change your life for the better, Odisha God Prayer is definitely the right choice for you!

He Prabhu Ananda Data Odia Prathana

ହେ ପ୍ରଭୋ ଆନନ୍ଦ ଦାତା
ସ୍ବାମୀ ଶିବାନନ୍ଦ

ହେ ପ୍ରଭୋ ଆନନ୍ଦ ଦାତା
ଜ୍ଞାନ ହମକୋ ଦିଜୀଏ ,
ଶୀଘ୍ର ସାରେ ଦୂର୍ଗୁଣ କୋ
ଦୂର ହମସେ କିଜୀଏ ll
ଲିଜିଏ ହମକୋ ଶରଣ ମେ
ହମ ସଦାଚାରୀ ବନେ ( ଘୋଷା)
ପ୍ରେମସେ ହମ ଗୁରୁଜନୋକଁ
ନିତ୍ୟହି ସେବା କରେ
ସତ୍ୟ ବୋଲେ ଝୁଟ୍ ତ୍ୟାଗେ
ମେଲ ଆପସମେ କରେ ll
ନିନ୍ଦା କିସିବୀ ହମ କିସିସେ
ଭୁଲ କରଭି ନକରେ
ଦିବ୍ୟ ଜୀବନ ହୋ ହମାରା
ତେରେ ଯଶ ଗାୟା କରେ ll

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