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Top 50 Questions – Practise SET 1

Q1 – Who is called as the Alexander of great Indian Empire?

C- Ahoka

Answer- B

Q2 The Delhi sultanate period was started from which Dynasty?

A- Slave Dynasty
B- Lodi Dynasty
C- Khilji Dynasty
D-Tughlaq Dynasty

Answer- A

Q3 Who is called wisest fool of india?

A-Qutubuddin Aibak
B- Razia Sultana
C- Muhammad bin Tughluq
D- Iltutmish

Answer – C

Q4- Paika revolt in Odisha was led by whom?

A- Ram Singh
B- Birbhadra Raju
C- Laxmi bai
D- Bakshi Jagabandhu

Answer -D

Q5 Who founded Vande Mataram?

A- Lala lajpat Rai
B- Bipin Chandra Pal
C – Aurobinda Ghosh
D- Bal Gangadhar Tilak


Q6 which scale is used to measure intensity of an earthquake?

A- Richter Scale
B- Mercalli Scale
C- Celsius Scale
D- Crater Scale


Q8 Great Basin plateau is located in which continent?

A- North America
B – Africa
C- South America
D- Asia

Answer – A

Q9- Indian National flag was adopted by the Constituent assembly on which date?

A- 26th January 1950
B- 11th November 1949
C- 22nd July 1947
D- 25 April 1946

Answer -C

Q10 – which article of the Indian constitution deals with the official languages?

A- Article 343
B- Article 326
C- Article 261
D- Article 393


Q11 – PURA (providing Urban Amenities In Rural areas) Model was launched in which year?

A- 2002
C- 2007
D- 2004

Answer – D

Q12- Eight five year plan is exicutive in which year

A- 1990- 1995
B- 1992- 1997
C- 1985- 1990
D- 1987- 1992

Answer- B/p>

Q13 – Vernal equinox occurs on

A- March 21
B- June 21
C- September 23
D- December 22

Answer- A

Q14 The longest NH in India is

A- NH 19
B- NH 44
C- NH 60
D- NH57


Q15- 1st Indian to awarded with Nobel prize is

A -Mahtma Gandhi
B- CV Raman
C- Rabindra nath Tagore
D- Mother Teresa

Answer -C

Q16 -which is the highest GALLANTRY award on war time?

A- Mahavir chakra
B- Vir chakra
C- Shaurya Chakra
D- Paramvir Chakra


Q17- Who was the 1st Indian pilot?

A- Amartya Sen
B- Bijju Pattnaik
C- J.R.D Tata
D- kalpana chawla

Answer- C

Q18- what is the Symbol of culture and civilization?

A- Lotus
B- Pen
C- Pegion
D- white flag

Answer – B

Q19- who is the author of the book “life of pi”?

A- K.B. Lal
B- Vinod Rai
C- Yann Martel
D- Chetan Bhagat

Answer – C

Q20 – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award program was launched in which year

A- 1991-92
B- 1990-91
D- 1994-95

Answer- A

Both Science and Arts

Q1- The electric current density is:
A- a vector quantity
B- a scalar quantity
C both
D- none


Q2 -Which of the following is the best conductor of heat
A- water
C- mercury

Answer -(C) Mercury

Q3- Who was the inventor of neutron?
B- Chadwick

Answer- B -Chadwick

Q4- The pH value of the human blood.
C -6.6
D- 7.4

Answer-D -7.4

Q5- Genetics deals with
A-mendel’s law
B-DNA structure
C-organic evolution
D- Heredity and variations

Answer- D

Q6- The cell wall of algae is made of-
A- cellulose


Q7- what are the total membership countries of NATO?
A -29
C- 33
D- 35


Q8- Who is known as the MISSILE WOMAN of India?
A- Gunjan saxena
B- Indra Gandhi
C- Dr Tessy Thomas
D- Marry Kom

Answer- C

Q9- Environment is composite state of:
A- biotic factors
B- physiographic factors
C- abiotic factors
D- all of the above

Answer -D

Q10- the gas used in refrigerator is:
A-cooled down on flowing
B- heated upon flowing
C- cooled down when compressed
D- cooled down when expanded

Government Exam Questions and Answers

Answer – d

Q11- what is ancient name of river indus?
A- kabul
B- Sindhu
C- vipas
D- vitasta

Answer -(b) – Sindhu

Q12- which is the highest mountain peak of Indian subcontinent ?
A- Everest
B- Annapurna
C- Mount k2

Answer- (c) Mount k2

Q13- which article of Indian constitution says about untouchability ?
A- article 12
B article 14
C- article 15
D- article 17

Answer -(d)- article 17

Q14- how many seat represents for lokasabha from state Bihar
A- 21
B- 39
C- 40
D- 42

Answer- (c) 40

Q15- post independence five year plan is currently termed as
A- Bharat Nirman yojna
B- niti ayoga
C-pradhan mantri kushal vikas Yojana
D- saansad adarsh gram yojna

Answer- (b) NITI AYOGA

Q15- which of the following is the central bank of india?

Answe- A -RBI

Q17- 1ST indian astronaut gone to space was
A- kalpana chawla
B- Rakesh Sharma
C – Abdul kalam
D- Sunita Williams

Answe- (b )rakesh Sharma

Q18- which is the indian’s first engineless train
A- Rajdhani express
B- coromandel express
C- train 18

answer- c

Q19- what is total number of ATP is formed from complete combustion of 1 glucose molecule
A -34
B- 36
C – 38
D- 40

Answer -c

Q20. Who is the india’s 1st gold medalist awarded from Olympic
A – Abhinab Bindra
B – Milka Singh
C- Marry Kom
D- p v Sindhu

Answer -Abhinav bindra

Q21 – in urine which vitamin is /are to be found

A- vitamin A
B- vitamin c.
C- vitamin B
D- vitamin B and c

Answer – D

Q22 – The 1st computer literate district of India is

A- Arnakulam
B- Thiruballur
C- Billuparam
D- Mallapuram

Answer- D

Q23- where is the head quarter of the international solar Alliance??

A- London
B – Gurugram
C- Paris
D- Istanbul

Answer – B

Q24- which vaccine is not including in Indradhanush Mission?

A- measels
B- tuberculosis
C- meningococcal meningitis
D- Diphtheria

Answer- C

Q25 – A biological cycle or rhythm is approximately 24 hours long is called?

A- circadian
B- Infradian
C- ultradian
D- circannual

Answer- A

Q26 – on January 2022 which helicopter inducted to INS UTKORSH at Port Blair

A- Mi 24
B – ALH Mk lll
C- CH-47
D-. AH – 64 Apache

Answer -B

Q27- What would be the index of refraction for diamond?

A- 1.33
B- 1.52
C- 1.65
D- 2.42

Answer- D

Q28- who invents the speed of light ??

A- O. Roemer
B- W.E Pauli
C-H .Davy
D- Snell

Answer- A

Q29- The. Coil of heater is made of :

A- iron
B- copper
C- Nichrome
D- Tungsten

Answer -C

Q30 – Which of the following is main ore of copper.

A- bauxite
B- Galena
C- calamin
D- Malcite

Answer- D

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