GK Questions for Class 10

GK Questions for Class 10


Looking for GK questions for Class 10? Explore our extensive collection of GK questions designed specifically for Class 10 students. Enhance your knowledge and prepare for exams with our carefully curated set of informative and engaging GK questions. Start your learning journey today!

GK Questions for Class 10

1. Who published the Human Development Index (HDI)?

Ans. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

2. When did the Indochina war take place?

Ans. The Indochina War took place between 1946 – April 1975.

3.The term “ecosystem” ways first coined by

Ans. Sir Arthur G. Tansley

4.What is the theme of World Leprosy Day 2022?

Ans. The theme for World Leprosy Day 2022 is ‘United for Dignity’.

5.The ‘CLAP’ programme was launched by which Indian state or UT?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh launched the ‘CLAP’ programme. The Andhra Pradesh government started the Clean Andhra Pradesh (CLAP)-Jagananna Swachha Sankalpam programme to clean up rural areas, improve sanitation conditions, and waste management with public participation.

6.Where is the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary situated?

Ans. Kerala

7.When was the Landholders’ society established?

Ans. Landholders’ society was established in 1838.

8.Which vitamins help in the clotting of blood?

Ans. Vitamin K helps in the clotting of blood.

9.For what purpose are antipyretic medicines used?

Ans. Antipyretic medicines reduce fever.


10. Who built the Konark Sun Temple?

Ans. Narshimhadeva I built the Konark Sun Temple.

11. Name an alloy of mercury?

Ans. Amalgam

12.Why do stars twinkle?

Ans. Because of the phenomenon of refraction of light, stars twinkle.


13.Which state is the oldest producer of oil?

Ans. Assam

14. Metallurgical coal used in the smelting of iron ore is

Ans. Bituminous

15.Name one Rabi crop

Ans. Wheat

16.Name one important beverage crop of India.

Ans. Coffee and Tea

17.Which state is the leading producer of gold?

Ans. Karnataka

18.Which coal is used for commercial use?

Ans. Bituminous Coa

19.What is the metal inside the wire?

Ans. Copper

20.Which mineral is used as fertilizer in the field?

Ans. Potash

21.What is a ferrous mineral?

Ans. Iron ore

22.Who said “Swaraj is my birthright and I will have it”?

Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

23.Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India and is located on which river?

Ans: Bhagirathi River

24.Who has written the National Anthem of Bangladesh?

Ans: Ravindranath Thakur

25.What is the chemical formula of baking soda?

Ans: NaHCO3

26.Who is the Amartya Sen in India?

Ans: Indian Economist

29.Name the parliament of Nepal?

Ans: Rashtriya panchayat

GK Questions for Class 10

30.How many spokes are there in Ashoka chakra?

Ans: 24 Spokes

31.Aligarh Muslim University was founded by?

Ans: Syed Ahmed Khan

32.Kathmandu is the capital of which country

Ans: Nepal

33.Who was the founder of Brahma Samaj?

Ans : Raja Ram Mohan Roy

34.Nongkrem is a popular dance of?


35.Who was said to be the last viceroy of India?

Ans. Lord Louis Mountbatten

36.What is the currency of Iraq?

Ans. Iraqi Dinar

37.When was the State Bank of India founded?

Ans. July 1, 1955

38.Where is Bandhavgarh & Panna National Park located?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

39.How many times the clock’s hands coincide in a day?

Ans. 22 Times

40.Which team won the first Indian Premier League in 2008?

Ans. Rajasthan Royals

41.What does shortcut key Shift + Home do?

Ans. Highlighting the current

42.Each year the ‘International Day of Peace’ is observed on which date?

Ans. September 21.

43. ‘Flagship rocket H3’ is belongs to which country?

Ans. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency- JAXA.

44.A landform which mainly surrounded by water from three sides and connected to mainland from one side is called as what?

Ans. Peninsula.

45.Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP (in India) was founded on which date?

Ans. 6 April 1980.

46.How many players are on a netball team?

Ans. Seven

47.Which planet to spins on its side, unlike the sun and other planets?

Ans. Uranus

48.What is the color of the liquid and solid oxygen?

Ans. Pale blue

49.Who was the first king of Iceland?

Ans. Haakon IV

GK Questions for Class 10

50.What is the national flower in the Maldives?

Ans. Pink Rose (Rosa)

51.Which mountains serve as the boundary between Europe and Asia?

Ans. Ural Mountains

52.Which strait lies between the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea?

Ans. The Malacca Strait

53.India’s first ‘Air taxi service’ was launched in which state?

Ans. Haryana state.

54.How many countries are in the world?

Ans. 195 countries.

55.The world gets its blue tint how?

Ans. Because of orange and red

56.Which lake is situated at the border of Peru – Bolivia?

Ans. Lake Titicaca

57.You can melt which metal in the palm of your hand?

Ans. Gallium

58.What is the total number of members in BIMSTEC?

Ans. Seven

59.Who are said to be the founders of the World’s famous Video site ” YouTube?

Ans. Steve Chen, Jawed Karim & Chad Hurley

60.Each year the ‘World Refugee Day’ observed on which date?

Ans. June 20.

61.Where is world’s oldest (45,500 years old) known cave painting?

Ans. Indonesia.

62.Barnehurst town is located in which country?

Ans. England

63.Which strait connects the Mediterranean and the Black Sea?

Ans. Bosporus

64.What is the world’s oldest civilization?

Ans. Sumerian civilization

65.People from Ireland have what nationality?

Ans. Irish

66.Who is the head of the Indian Armed Forces ?

Ans:- President of India

67.On which day Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated every year in India ?

Ans :- April 24

68.Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year on which day ?

Ans:- July 26

69.Which scientist is known for the discovery of gravity ?

Ans :- Newton

GK Questions for Class 10

70.Who Designed of the national flag of India ‘Tiranga’ ?

Ans:- Pingali Venkaiah

71.Which city of India is known as the ‘ City of Golden Temples ‘ ?

Ans:- Amritsar, Punjab

72.Which vitamin is produced most rapidly in our body ?

Ans:- Vitamin D

73.Which is the national fruit of India ?

Ans:- Mango

74.The longest national highway of India is ?

Ans :- NH 44

75.Who is known as Flying Sikh ?

Ans :- Milkha Singh

76.In which movement did Mahatma Gandhi give the slogan of ‘ do or die’ ?

Ans:- Quit India Movement

77.Neeraj Chopra is Related to which sport ?

Ans:- javelin throw

78.Which ruler of the Mughal Empire built the ‘ Taj Mahal ‘ ?

Ans:- Shah Jahan

79.Who founded the Arya Samaj ?

Ans :- Dayanand Saraswati

80.Who was the first woman IPS officer of India ?

Ans:- Kiran Bedi

81.When is National Youth Day celebrated every year ?

Ans :- On 12th January

82.Which great man has been given the title of Iron Man ?

Ans :- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

83.Who is credited with the discovery of India ?

Ans :- Vasco da Gama

84.When was first railway line opened in India ?

Ans:- 1853 A.D.

85. ‘Sir Richard Hadlee’s Medal’ is the highest cricketing honor of which country?

Ans: New Zealand

86.Indian Stealth guided-missile destroyer INS Visakhapatnam has been manufactured by whom?

Ans: Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited

87.When Ajmer State was merged into Rajasthan?

Ans: 1 November 1956

88.Which is largest river basin in India?

Ans: Ganga basin.

89.Yarlung Tsangpo is the upper stream of which river?

Ans: Brahmaputra.

90.Nirmala Sitharaman became the Defence Minister of India on which date?

Ans: 3 September 2017.

91.Where is the Central Arid Zone Research Institute located in India?

Ans: Jodhpur.

92.‘Mecca’ city is in which region of Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Hejazi Region.

93.Battles of Tarain was fought in which years?

Ans: First Battle – 1191 and Second battle – 1192.

94.The Amazon River falls into which ocean?

Ans: Atlantic Ocean.

95.Smart wearables company Fitbit belongs to which country?

Ans: United States of America.

96.Who is the first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of India?

Ans: General Bipin Rawat (since 1 January 2020).

97.World’s largest volcanoes are around to which ocean?

Ans: Pacific ocean.

98.Who is the first to predict that the Sun is the center of the solar system and the Earth revolves around it?

Ans: Copernicus.

99.Where is the Tomb of King Rammohan Rai located?

Ans: In Bristol, England.

100.The ‘Better Man’ is composed by whom?

Ans: Anita Nair

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