Top 30 General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Top 30 General Knowledge Questions and Answers – Free PDF


Test your knowledge with our free general knowledge quizzes. Our General Knowledge Questions and Answers range from easy to hard and cover a wide variety of topics, so you can find the perfect quiz for any occasion. Start learning new facts today!

Top 30 General Knowledge Questions Practice

Q1 – Light year is the unit of:

A- Time
B- Distance
C- Mass
D- Energy

Answer – B

Q2- The latest Discovered state of matter is:

A- Solid
B- Liquid
C- Bose – Einstein condensate
D- Plasma

Answer – C

Q3 – Candela is the unit of

A- luminous flux
B- luminous pressure
C- luminous effect
D- luminous intensity

Answer -D

Q4- The velocity of sound is maximum in

A- Air
B- Liquid
C- Solid
D- Vacuum

Answer- C

Q5- The shortest unit of length is:

A- Micron
B- Angstrum
C- Nanometer
D- Fermimeter


Q7- Who gave the theory of gravity?

A- Charles Babbage
B- Charles Newton
C- Issac Newton
D- Galileo

Answer- C

Q8-Which of the following is an indoor game

A- Hockey
B- Golf.
C- Badminton
D- Chess


Q9- Naidu Trophy is associated with which game.

A- Cricket
B -Hockey
C- Chess
D- basketball

Answer- C

Q10- Study of skin is

A- Cardiology
B- Dermatology
C- Demography
D- Andrology

Answer – B

Q11 – In plants opposite of photosynthesis process is similar to

A- Respiration
B- pollination
C- Fertilization
D- Transpiration

Answer- A

Q12- In land ecological pyramid who will be on top

A- Producers
B- Tertiary consumer
C- Decomposer
D – Primary consumer

Answer – C

Q13 – Which process does not follow nitrogen cycle

A- Nitrification
B- Ammonification
C- Denitrification
D- photosynthesis

Answer- D

Q14- How many chamber in heart does a fish have?

A- 1
B- 2
C -3

Answer- B

Q15- What will be the unexpected blood of the child,if both parents have B blood group?

A- O
C- A.
D – Both a and b
E- Both b and c

Answer- E

Q16- The outermost solid cover of earth is

A – Mantle
B- Core
C- Rocks
D – Crust

Answer- D

Q17- What is rigvedic name of river Chenab ?

A – Sindhu
B- Asikani
C- Saraswati
D- Vipas

Answer -B

Q18- Saka age starts from

A- 248AD
B- 57 BC
C- 78 AD
D- 450 BC

Answer- C

Q19 – 4th Buddhists council held on

A- 98 AD
B- 483 BC
C -. 250 BC
D-. 383 BC

Answer- A

Q20 – Which of the following is not written on PALI texts

A – Sutta Pitaka
B – Mahayana
C – Vinay pitaka
D – Abhidhamma Pitaka

Answer- B

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