Fidelity Guarantee Bond Paper Format

Fidelity Guarantee Bond Paper Format Word File


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Fidelity Guarantee Bond Paper Format


Fidelity Guarantee

THIS DEED Of  GUARANTEE is made at ____________________ this _______ day of ______________________


  1. Mr. /Ms.(Government Employee/Parents  address) ______________________ residing at (full addresses)__________________________________________

_____________________________________________Tel no.____________

hereinafter collectively referred to as the ‘Guarantor’ of the One Part and M/s. Spandana Sphoorty  Financial  Limited, a company registered under the companies Act, 1956, and having its registered office at # Plot No.79, Care Crystal Building, Near Spencer Super Bazaar,  Besides H.D.F.C .Bank, Vinayak Nagar Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500 032 hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’ of the Other Part.

                  Signature of Government Employee/Parents


  1. The Company has decided it appoint Mr. /Ms. _________________________________ as the _________________________ of the Company on the terms and conditions mentioned in the letter of appointment issued to Mr. /Ms. _____________________________________________ by the Company hereinafter referred as ‘the employee’.
  2. One of the terms the said appointment is that the said employee shall secure                a guarantee of a responsible person approved by the Company for the faithful performance of the duties of the employee.
  3. The Guarantor at the request of the employee has execute this guarantee in favor of the Company and the Company has agreed to accept the same.


NOW THIS DEED WITHNESSETH that pursuant to the said agreement and at the request of the said employee, the Guarantor doth hereby guarantee and covenant, with the company that in the event of the said employee not faithfully performing his duties as whatsoever designation of the Company and the said loss on demand made by the Company. And the Guarantor further covenants that the guarantee hereby given by them will continue and be valid and enforceable, even if the service of the employee by whatsoever designation is terminated by way of dismissal or removal, for any such loss suffered by the Company prior to such dismissal or removal. And provided further and subject to what is herein provided the guarantee hereby given will stand revoked on the termination of the service of said employee for any reason whatsoever. And the Guarantor doth further covenant that the liability of the Guarantor hereunder will continue compromise made in respect of any act of unfaithfulness and the guarantee hereby given will remaining force as long as the said employee is working as whatsoever designation of the Company.


Signature of Government Employee/Parents

IN WITHNESS WHEREOF the Guarantor has put his hand the day and year first hereinabove written.

Signed and delivered by the within

Name                               Guarantor

Mr. ________________________ (Signature of Government Employee/Parents)

in the presence of



Government Employee/Parents  Details:

Employee/Parents Designation:

Employee /Parents (Office /Residence )Address:

Telephone No       :

Fidelity Affidavit Format

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