Class 8 SST Question Paper

Class 8 SST Question Paper


These are just a few sample questions. The actual questions on the Class 8 SST Question Paper exam will vary depending on the specific board or school. However, these questions should give you a good idea of the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam

Class 8 SST Question Paper

Section II

  1. Franchise refers to:
    A. Right to form a government
    B. Right to be elected
    C. Right to choose any religion
    D. Right to vote
  2. Raja ram Mohan founded a reform association known as:
    A. Hindu samaj
    B. Brahma samaj
    C. Araya Samaj
    D. None of the above
  3. Delhi during the later Mughal period was also important enter of:
    A. Hindu culture
    B. Sikh culture
    C. Muslim culture
    D. Sufi culture
  4. The vernacular act allowed the government to confiscate the assets of newspapers including their printing presser if the newspaper published anything that was found.
    A. Vulgar
    B. Objectionable
    C. Reasonable
    D. None of these
  5. Indian textile had long been renewed both their___.
    A. Fine quality and design
    B. Fine quality and exquisite craftsmanship
    C. Fine quality and quantity
    D. None of the above
    Fill in the blanks with suitable terms.
  6. City known as ‘Manchester of Japan’__.
  7. Money granted by the government to help an industry keep the price of a commodity or service low to benefit the people__.
  8. Association started by B.R Ambedkar is __.
  9. The rapid growth of population . 10.The Hindu College was established in Banaras in.

Section II:

Very short answer type questions. Each question carries
1 mark. Answer any ten questions from the following.

  1. Who established quality between Indian and British Judges?
  2. What is bandanna?
  3. Give some examples of agro based industries?
  4. Write the main objective of English Education Act of 1835?
  5. Which programme gives people access to clean, drinking water?
  6. What do you understand by Fair Trail?
  7. Which place was served as the summer capital of British Empire?
  8. The world population has increased drastically over the past few decades. Give reason for it?
  9. Define nationalism?
    10.Give an example of human made fiber?
    11.Name of the city that was developed around ports?
    12.When was Non cooperation Movement launched?

Section III:

Short answer type questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Answer any eight questions from the following.

  1. How was Indian art influenced by the British rule?
  2. What is used in organic farming?
  3. How cultural and educational rights are important for minorities group. Explain briefly?
  4. What were ‘Black Town’ and ‘White Town’?
  5. Why did the Safai Karamchari Andolan file a PIL in 2003? What did they complain in their petition?
  6. Distinguish between population growth and natural increase?
  7. The government should not completely privatize the system of providing any public facility. Justify the statement?
  8. What is meant by Cottage industry?
  9. Mention the important characteristics of public facility?
    10.How can population of nation become productive?

Section IV: Class 8 SST Question Paper

Answer the following:
Each question carries 3 marks. Answer any eight questions from the following

  1. Outline the main demands of the moderates. What was the importance
    of the moderate phase of Indian’s freedom struggle?
  2. Which three eminent composers shaped Carnatic music?
  3. Describe India’s population Pyramid?
  4. What important decisions, declarations and steps were taken by the English government in India after Macaulay’s minute?
  5. Why are the Adivasis losing their identity, traditional occupation and way of life in the name of development? Explain?
  6. Mention any three steps that can be taken to reduce the damages caused by industrial disaster?

Section V: Class 8 SST Question Paper

Long answer type questions: Each question carries 5 marks: Answer any four questions from the following.

  1. Explain the causes of unfavorable sex ratio?
  2. Discuss the advantages responsible for the development of information technology in Silicon plateau (Bengaluru) and Silicon Valley (California)
  3. Explain the favorable factors for the location of steel planet at Jamshedpur?
  4. Discuss the developments of the 1937- 1947 period that lead to the creation of Pakistan?
  5. What was the demand of Indian social conference formed under Mahadev Govind Ranade in 1887?

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