50 + Class 5 Computer Questions With Answers PDF Free

Class 5 Computer Questions With Answers PDF

Looking for Class 5 Computer Questions With Answers PDF? Look no further! Our PDF contains over 50 questions and answers covering a wide range of computer topics, including hardware, software, networking, and more. Perfect for students preparing for exams or anyone who wants to brush up on their computer skills. Download your copy today! Class … Read more

Common Computer Interview Questions.

Common Interview Questions. Boot infectors: Create bad sectors. They remain in the memory until the system is shutdown.System infectors: It infects the hard disk or: bootable floppies which may contain system files.Executable program infectors: These are dangerous and devastating. They spread to almost any executable program attaching themselves to programming files.

Top 50 Competitive Exam Computer Questions and Answers

Computer Questions and Answers

Are you looking for Basic Computer Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams? Try these questions, they will help you to pass your certification exams. Do you want to learn computer questions and answers? We have the solution for you. You are on the page where you can take computer quiz and download pdf version of … Read more

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