Biology Questions for All Govt Exams

20 Biology Questions for All Govt Exams – PDF Download


Biology Questions for All Govt Exams: Get the best preparation for your government exams with our comprehensive collection of expert-reviewed practice questions and answers. Find up-to-date questions and answers for a wide range of topics, from Biology. Get ready to ace your exam

Q1. Embryo is found in

A- flowers
B- leaves
C- seeds
D- Buds

Answer – (c) – seed

Q2- cytology is

A- study of bacteria
B- study of crops
C- study of cells
D- study of demography

Answer- c

Q3 . The longest flower of the world

A- rafflesia
B- lotus
C- a large cactus
D- non of these

Answer -rafflesia

Q4-which of the following was the first successful clone?

A- rabbit
B -sheep
C- goat
D- cow

Answer- sheep

Q5. The bacteria behind the process of nitrogen fixation is

A- Nitrobacter
B- pseudomonas
D- Rhizobium

Answer- Rhizobium

Q6-.which of the following is a viral disease?

A- malaria
B-small pox
C- cholera
D- tuberculosis

Answer- small pox

Q7- in living organisms biotic catalyst is called?

A – hormone
B- vitamin
C- steroid
D- enzyme

Answer- enzyme

Q8-. For which disease Edward Jenner is linked

A- paralysis
C- intestine fever
D- small pox

Answer – small pox

Q9- which of the following is an example of tissue.

A- liver
B- blood
C- stomach
D- brain

Answer – blood

Q10- which vitamin is essential for blood clotting?

A- vitamin A
B- vitamin C
C- vitamin k
D- vitamin D

Answer- vitamin k

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