Free Biology GK Questions Part 1


Biology GK Questions

Biology GK Questions: Biology is an important subject in school. But it is not easy to make students understand the concepts and understand them in depth. The best way to do that is by using a question-answer format that allows students to check their understanding of the concept and learn from answers given by other students.

Biology GK Questions

1. A cell is a structure that can be found in what other structures?  A) An organism B) A tissue C) An organ D) All of the above 2. For how long does it take for a sperm to reach an egg?  A) 0.5 minutes B) 4 hours C) 8 hours D) 24 hours 3.

Biology GK Questions

Quick Review Of All Important Topics In Biology For SSC CGL 2017 (10th Edition) – JEE Main & Advanced(Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Why Do We Need to Know About Biology? Some Important Facts about Life



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